The Gwen Stefani Doll?

Shit like this makes me wonder if newer and younger fans of the heavily-branded solo version of Gwen Stefani even know she used to kick so much ass? I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Stefani back in her No Doubt heyday, right about when "I'm Just a Girl" came out and she was great. Polite, attractive, and knew how get her hands dirty with the boys on stage.

Fast forward a decade and she's synchronize dancing, changing outfits between songs and using a fake pre-teen girly voice. Seeing her in concert these days is about 90% image and 10% music. Sure she's never hidden the fact that she enjoys the girly side of things like free makeup, but one look at her site proves she's just trying too hard. Okay enough of my old man banter, here's more info to help you complete doll collection you've got stashed away in your closet:

"Huckleberry Toys is set to release Series II of the Gwen Stefani doll line this fall. To celebrate the launch Huckleberry Toys will be releasing a limited edition preview doll at this year’s San Diego Comic Convention.

We will only be making 150 of these dolls and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis. To ensure that Gwen’s fans have a chance to own the doll, Huckleberry Toys will take phone orders beginning at 10AM Pacific time on Monday, July 16th.

To order, call 1-818-363-4500. The dolls are $100/each plus shipping and handling and must be paid by credit card. Any remaining dolls will be sold at Huckleberry Toys booth 4151 July 25-29th during the convention."

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