Yeah Yeah Yeahs Like Repetition

According to the title of their upcoming EP "Is Is." Note to up and comers in the music world: when in doubt, pick a nice word and then repeat a few times. You've got yourself an album title or even a band name!

Okay on with the show, this thing's coming out July 23rd and it'll be accompanied by a special live film, which was recorded at their show at the Grasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on May 7th. All five tracks on the EP were written while they were on tour for their debut album "Fever to Tell" in 2004. The song titles are:

  1. Rockers to Swallow
  2. Down Boy
  3. Kiss Kiss
  4. Isis
  5. 10 x 10
The EP will be available on CD, double gatefold vinyl, single track download and digital bundle.

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