Rage in Wisconsin... Again?

Tickets have already sold out for Rage's show in East Troy, Wisconsin at Alpine Valley. So if this is the first you've heard of it, your too late. But maybe you'll get another chance to see them?

Nobody knows for sure if they're secretly planning a full blown reunion, complete with a new album and full tour, but I've got a tidbit of insider info. Just last night I was told firsthand that the Apple River Amphitheater in Somerset, Wisconsin (just about 45 minutes from the Twin Cites) has put a bid in to get Rage to play there this summer. So what does this mean? Well it all depends if the band receives bids only when they plan on continuing to tour or not. If so, then that's good news because the bid was for a lot of money. So it's nothing official, but it's one more clue in the guessing game of their reunion. Of course I don't want to get anyone in trouble, so I hope you don't mind that I'm not naming my sources. I'll see if I can't look into it further sometime soon.

Music Sites and Bad Design

They seem to go hand and hand. We've all got our favorite music websites that we frequent, some are put together really nice, some are not. Surprisingly there are more that aren't than are. I think that made sense. So let's take a look at our first installment of Good vs. Bad design, starting with the bad ones of course.

Rage Against The Machine's website ratm.com looks like they built it in 1995 and haven't updated it since. I never get why a band will put so much time and money in the studio, tour and album packaging then turn around and pay the drummer's nephew $100 to build 'em a website for that world wide web that every ones talking about. Or at least that's what it looks like. They've managed to cram Flash and Frames together creating a lovely digital mush. Rage's music is so powerful and moving it's amazing they couldn't find the inspiration to translate that to the web.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' website for their latest album Stadium Arcadium is such a let down. After receiving an award for an earlier version of their website it's plain to see they've hired new designers. Designers who must have known they're from California, but somehow never actually listened to their music or have seen an actual piece of Chili Pepper footage or merchandise before. Not only that, it doesn't fit with the "outer space" theme that everything else had for the last year or so. Visit the site yourself and your eyes will be raped with enough jpeg artifacts to kill a small animal. I'm a huge fan of these guys and the site does them no justice whatsoever and browsing it is a nightmare. This site is Flash gone wrong.

Nirvana's website hereisnirvana.com is just so... blah. It somehow conveys nothing. Not grunge, not rock, not modern, just a website. You'd never guess these guys turned the music world on it's ass browsing this Official Universal Records template of a website. Just because the band is no more doesn't mean they deserve a There's even a real genuine pop-up advertising the release of some digitally remastered DVD with footage probably from a Handycam, which doesn't seem to make sense itself. Visit this site if you'd like to buy some Nirvana merch, that's about it.

Tune in next time where I'll point out some kick ass band websites and get your mind off these crappy efforts.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Like Repetition

According to the title of their upcoming EP "Is Is." Note to up and comers in the music world: when in doubt, pick a nice word and then repeat a few times. You've got yourself an album title or even a band name!

Okay on with the show, this thing's coming out July 23rd and it'll be accompanied by a special live film, which was recorded at their show at the Grasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on May 7th. All five tracks on the EP were written while they were on tour for their debut album "Fever to Tell" in 2004. The song titles are:

  1. Rockers to Swallow
  2. Down Boy
  3. Kiss Kiss
  4. Isis
  5. 10 x 10
The EP will be available on CD, double gatefold vinyl, single track download and digital bundle.

Icky Thump

Well the White Stripes new album Icky Thump "drops today" as all the kids are saying these days. From what I've heard of it things are good in the land of Red, White and Black. Can't wait to grab it after work. If you prefer to get your music digitally, legally digitally that is, hit up this iTunes page to get the exclusive track Baby Brother. Make haste though because I think it's only available through today.

As far as their tour goes they've announced that Dan Sartain will be touring with them through most of their tour dates. Who is Dan Sartain you ask? Well he's a pretty kick ass Rockabilly guy... dude. Just check out his video for yourself.

To see if the White Stripes will be showing in a theater near you, check out these tour dates. If you've never seen 'em live you are missing out.

Paul Gives a Surprise Show

Looks like some 700 lucky fans got to see Paul McCartney in a small New York club yesterday. The info appeared on his website Tuesday and the show was the very next day. Fans who made it in were treated to about a dozen Beatles classics mixed with some new songs, all in an effort to get some buzz around his new album Memory Almost Full. Speaking of buzz about the album, somebody in marketing had the splendid idea to play the album in it's entirety all day at every Starbucks in the country. Those poor, poor workers.

To check out the setlist and even some footage from the show check out his website memoryalmostfull.com under the news section.

iTunes' Complete My Album

If you're an avid user of iTunes, you might have some incomplete albums in your library. Maybe you bought a single and never got around to buying the rest of the album, maybe you bought 3 tracks and then lightning struck your computer. Whatever the case you can now use a feature called "Complete My Album" Which searches your library and then allows you to buy the complete album without recharging you for what you already owned. It seems like a no-brainer, but there's a catch. You only have 6 months to "complete your album." Otherwise you have to pay for that single all over again. Why? I have no idea. So consider this a heads up. The feature isn't perfect, but atleast it's a start.

Or you could buy real albums and import them the way you want 'em, and avoid this completely.


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